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Schedule : From 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m

      After taking the boat to Almirante, a taxi will take you near the Costa Rican border where the Manatees live, crossing the bananas plantations and the local villages. Arriving at the border of the river, we start with a talk and videos to learn more about the manatees and about the project. Then you will discover the river with its large number of birds, its sloths, monkeys, and its intense vegetation to reach the observation platform of the manatees where you will stay for 2 hours in silence. You will be able to observe the manatees when they come to eat the leaves and the bananas present in front of the platform (the water is not clear, you can only see their head and chest).


Then the boat will take you to the beach where you can see the facilities used for the conservation of sea turtles, it is an area with many iguanas as well. You will then return from the river and take a taxi and boat to Bocas Town. Important to know: You have to remain totally silent during the manatees observation to be able to watch them, they are very sensitive to the sounds.

Included : 

  • Transport by bus

  • Transport by taxis

  • Complete visit

Not included : 

  • Meal 

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