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The name « Kawi voyage » : Kawi Yoppen means a place for friends in yaghan (language of native people from Tierra del Fuego). We use our knowledge, our experiences and our contacts to offer you high quality stay in collaboration with the locals of Bocas.

            After my studies at Grenoble Business School I have leaved France to go to Argentina where I worked at the Alliance française and I guided French speaking tourists during their stay. I loved sharing my knowledge of the region and this is naturally that I decided to continue here. I met local people and started explore the region with them and created a great team !


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          Being the best captain of Bocas, you can trust me to bring you everywhere to a safe harbour.

I’m living in San Cristobal island since my birth and I know all the Archipelago's nooks.

You can call me Wacho !


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