Small Caribbean paradise where the tourism is just starting. Bocas del Toro is located at 40km from the border of Costa Rica. You can access by air from Panama City or San Jose or by land and sea.

It’s an archipelago composed by 9 big islands and many small ones. Bocas Town Its capital is located on Colón island. It’s a small town which seems to be lost in time. Here we mainly use boats or bikes to move around.

Touristic season is lasting almost all the year moreover the rainy season is different than the rest of Panama. It rains quite often in December and January. The high season is between December and March and medium in July and August.

Beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water on the costs make room to dense tropical forests on the center of the islands. We can observe (among other animals) dolphins, sea turtles, sloths, monkeys, caimans, iguanas, red frogs.

Bocatoreno is a mixing between the Ngäbe (native people) and the descendants of the afro-american who speak wuari-wuari.

Don’t be surprised if someone talk to you in English, the wuari-wuari is a creole with a lot of English, some Spanish and dialects.

All oh the also speak Spanish.

Contact us on WhatsApp :

+(507) 6555 9954

+(507) 6555 9954

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2nd street in front of Simón Bolívar Park and the town hall, same place as Mono Loco surf school - Isla Colón - Bocas del Toro - Panama

Office open from 9 a.m to 12 p.m and from 5 p.m to 8 p.m - Closed on Friday afternoon and all day saturday

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