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Night tour of sea turtles 


Schedule : Closed until futher notice
From 8:30p.m to 10:30p.m or from 10:30p.m to 12p.m

Price : $25

Guided night tour of the beach where the sea turtles go to nest. There are leatherback turtles, imbricated turtles, and possibly some green turtles or loggerhead turtles. Turtles only go to the beach to lay eggs, they spend 95% of their time in the water.

During the tour you will walk for 2 hours on the beach looking for the sea turtles (this tour can be physical).

Monitors are also on the beach to study them and to inform us when they see one. 

You will need to use dark clothes. Photos are forbidden during the visit, with or without flash. You are not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs before and during the tour.

Not included : 

  • Transportation to Bluff Beach

Contact us on WhatsApp :

+(507) 6555 9954

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